Formula  Test Days

At Yacademy we understand that young drivers have to test as much as possible to develop their skills. But in most cases, track rentals are very expensive. In order to make it more affordable for teams and drivers to go testing, we have designed a format were we try to reduce the cost as much as possible to the teams while still offering the most amount of track time for drivers. Ultimately making testing more affordable and practical for everyone. 

Upcoming dates: 

February 24 - Sebring Club

February 27 - Homestead

March 1,2 - Palm Beach International

March 3,4 - Homestead

December 14,15 - Homestead

December 17,18 - Sebring Club/Full 



F4 Winter Series

The winter break is often too long. It is the worse enemy for racing drivers, specially developing drivers. The lack of activity and specially the lack of competition. Rookie open wheel drivers coming from karting often find themselves with too many new things happening all at once in their first race weekend. This often leads to mistakes, and mistakes in this world costs money and points. In order reduce the risk, the best possible solution is competitive testing, or what we like to call it, the Yacademy Winter Series. Young drivers from around the world can come and get their feet wet in a friendly atmosphere. They get to Practice everything from starting procedure, safety car procedure, and race craft. All of this while still trying to keep the cost as low as possible for teams and drivers. 

In 2020 the Yacademy Winter Series will host races for the US Formula 4 cars. They will consist of 2x30 minute practice sessions, 1x30 minute Qualifying and 3x25 minute races. Drivers will graduate the 2020 Yacademy Winter Series with 6 races under their belts before their first official event in 2020.

Next Races:

March 2, 3 - Palm Beach International

March 4,5 - Homestead



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