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🏁 Welcome to Yacademy Winter Series!

Winter break is every race car driver’s worst enemy, especially for those that are just starting out. The inactivity and lack of competition stiffens their progress.

Rookie open wheel drivers that are transitioning from karting to race car driving often find themselves overwhelmed on their first race weekend.

This often leads to mistakes, which costs drivers money and championship points.

In order to reduce surprise the optimal solution is competitive testing, or what we like to call the Yacademy Winter Series.

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Discover the essence of racing excellence with our exceptional program.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned driver, our winter series provides a unique opportunity to hone your skills on iconic tracks across the United States.


  • For Novices:

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of racing with our program tailored for beginners. Learn the basics, refine your technique, and build the solid foundations needed to carve your path to success on the track.


  • For Experienced Drivers:

Iconic U.S. circuits become your playground. Yacademy Winter Series offers experienced drivers the chance to perfect their craft, push their limits, and stay at the top of their game. Every turn, every straightaway becomes an opportunity to achieve excellence.

Join us in this winter adventure, where the passion for racing meets continuous learning. Yacademy Winter Series is more than a race series; it's the crossroads where career dreams come to life.


Get ready to push your limits, experience the adrenaline, and carve your path to the top. The track awaits you. 🏎️💨 #YacademyWinterSeries #RacingExcellence

"Embrace the Year-Round Racing Thrills of the Winter Series in Florida"

Join us in Florida, where the sun shines on the track all year round, providing drivers with an unparalleled driving experience, far from the whims of winter weather elsewhere in the United States.


The Winter Series, where passion meets sunshine.

Young drivers from around the world come to Florida during the winter break and prepare in a friendly atmosphere.

Drivers will conduct starting procedures, safety car procedures, and race craft. All of this is done in a two week period split between December and March. Yacademy prides itself on providing a low cost track experience for its drivers and teams during those two weeks.

Florida, with its mild climate, offers a sunny oasis where drivers can indulge in their passion year-round.

The favorable winter weather in Florida creates ideal conditions for racing.

Sunny days and moderate temperatures provide a perfect environment for optimal track performance. While other regions grapple with cold and snow, our drivers can continue to refine their skills and pursue their passion uninterrupted.

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